Brett Isbell, a Water Resource Planner, Has Passed Away

Brett Isbell

In addition to his music, Brett Isbell had many interests that kept him busy. He was an avid outdoorsman, who enjoyed hiking, camping, and canoeing. He is survived by his wife Chris, son Joshua, and daughter-in-law Kira. He is also survived by his two granddaughters, Amy Isbell Hanschen and Karen Isbell Marszycki. His family also includes several nieces and nephews.

Bret Isbell

Bret Isbell is a senior vice president with McDowell Asset Management. He is primarily responsible for the design of gravity and pressure pipelines. His job also involves water resource master planning and hydraulic modeling. He resides in Garland, Texas. There are at least two other Bret Isbells listed in the public records. One is a former student at Loyola Marymount University. Both are active in the community.

Licensed in Arizona, Bret Isbell has a proven track record of success even in the toughest market conditions. In fact, he has closed more than 400 transactions in the Phoenix market in 10 years. He is a native Phoenixite and graduated from Brophy College Preparatory School. You can count on him for a successful real estate transaction. To learn more about Bret Isbell, contact him today.

Bret Isbell’s family

The Isbell family is comprised of four siblings, a daughter, a son and two granddaughters. The family also includes his sister, Joye McConnell. Bret was preceded in death by his parents and his brother, John Reese. His father, Bret Isbell, graduated from Brophy College Preparatory School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His mother passed away in 1992.

In other transactions, Pinion Properties, LLC purchased 1,452 SF at Deer Valley Professional Offices for $142,500. Bret Isbell represented the seller in both transactions. Meanwhile, Stagecoach Trails, LLC purchased fourteen acres at SEC N. Main Dr. and W. Roundup St. for $550,000. Isbell also represented the seller in these transactions. DA FA Realty & Lending LLC was involved in both transactions.

Bret Isbell’s occupation

As a water resource planner, Bret Isbell’s primary responsibilities include the design of gravity and pressure pipelines and canal structures. He also has a broad range of responsibilities, including hydraulic modeling, hydrology, and water resource master planning. Bret Isbell’s occupation may seem far-fetched to those who don’t understand the role that water resources play in the daily lives of people.

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Bret Isbell’s profession

As a licensed real estate agent, Bret Isbell has a long history of success in the Phoenix area. Over the past decade, he has closed more than 400 transactions, and his track record of success is impressive. The native Phoenixite is a graduate of Brophy College Preparatory. As a result, his clientele includes many other top-tier Phoenix real estate professionals. Listed below are some of these professionals.

In Phoenix, he recently sold a 9.81-acre parcel to D & S Real Estate Management, LLC for $820,000. Another recent transaction involved a 7,750-square-foot building at Indian School Professional Plaza, which Bret Isbell represented. Other notable transactions include the following:

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