Mundur, Mundur!


We checked correct into a guest house of the academic institution after eight in the evening. In the end at that staunch moment I couldn’t undergo in thoughts the categorical particulars of our prior walk, fair focusing on getting settled there. Why I was there that too I didn’t barely peril about. Alternatively, since my colleague came along with me I was assured sufficient that it used to be an qualified time out. That it used to be a bit of odd no longer to undergo in thoughts something relating to the time out or the explanation of the test with didn’t injurious my thoughts either.

The room used to be rectangular and looked unbiased, a bit of more gargantuan than normal rooms. From the entrance on the left segment of the room there used to be the double mattress; on the left facet of the mattress there used to be a sliding glass-paned window giving a look to the front facet of the guest house; a cabinet on the corner opposite the mattress; on the staunch there used to be a desk with three wooden cushioned chairs and former that there used to be the door to the bog. I got outlandish after I saw one more closed door on the left facet of the bog door, that is to exclaim, on the farthest staunch hand corner from the entrance. From the fabricate of the bottom I was optimistic that the extra door couldn’t connect to one extra space. I made up our minds to search out out later what that moving door ended in. There used to be one more window on the staunch facet from entrance; all curtains were drawn across for the explanation that AC used to be set on.

My colleague Srijay requested me time and all over again if I was joyful and if I mandatory something more. Getting assured from my solutions he left for his room reminding me to mutter supper positively earlier than ten o’clock at which period the slight dining facility closed down for the night. I saw him to the door thanking him for his disaster. As I closed the door all of a sudden I felt any individual’s presence in the room. I whirled around to my left, and for a moment I was tremulous with an uncanny feeling.

Standing earlier than the drawn curtains of the window a short, stocky and darkish skinned boy smiled up at me. I stared at him, nothing coming out of my frozen vocal chords. The boy grinned at me and acknowledged,
“Sir … that it’s in all probability you’ll perchance perchance also must’ve forgotten me! Why … I was the room service if you happen to came here closing time!”
Yes, I came here earlier too, nonetheless by some ability I couldn’t direct that boy, no longer ready to undergo in thoughts if I met him closing time. Bigger than that I was very vital inquisitive relating to the thought about how he got in. The attendant left after placing my baggage in mutter, and no-one came after that; I was there with Srijay handiest. The reality that my thoughts used to be already a bit of blurred I took particular care now to keep things in correct focal level, and my thoughts started racing which used to be interrupted by the boy all over again.
“Sir, don’t dismay … you’ll undergo in thoughts later, finally. Please call room service if you desire something … and I’ll reach all over again” With that the boy unlocked the door, went out and closed it from outside, all in a languid motion.

I stood there motionless for a whereas. At closing I forcibly set it out of my thoughts, and on the identical time I made up our minds to stumble on all the pieces relating to the room. Straight I headed for the moving door previous the bog. I moved the door knob giving it a cozy push to know if it used to be locked from the assorted facet.

No, it wasn’t. I pushed additional and the door opened correct into a mountainous plan giving the impact of some form of a store room. Nevertheless, why a store room used to be linked to the principle room? This kind of facility used to be never offered in any lodge or guest house where I stayed in the closing few years. The room had some feeble wooden furniture and few wooden racks scattered here and there. Straight forward there used to be one more door, and at after I moved towards it to search out out what used to be lying previous, my curiosity on the discontinue now. As I neared the door something moved on my staunch. There used to be a gigantic feeble wooden rack lined fully with a white sheet from high to bottom, and below the bottom shelf the fabric used to be hurriedly pulled inside. Somebody must be hiding under it! I got no doubt panicked now, a chill working down my backbone.

“Who the hell is there?” I shouted on the discontinue of my negate. Nothing came about for a few moments. After which, the fabric used to be thrown aside, and there emerged the frame of dilapidated feeble lady with unkempt hair, sunken eyes and protruding cheekbones evident at me, and in a flash making an are trying to leap on me. She known as out in a sick shrill, “Give me money … give me meals … now … or … I’ll enjoy you up, you substandard man!” Extra in fright than the hazard of a physical assault I instinctively rushed towards the door as the sickly lady charged after me. In a flash I opened the door, pushed the speeding figure thru it and locked it from inside. I had no time to seem what lay previous that door as I deliberate to earlier. I’ve locked this door, and now I’ll lend a hand that ‘moving’ door of my room completely locked never bothering about it, nonetheless I’ll no doubt file this topic to the manager, I promised myself.

Open air the door the shrill rose to a crescendo now, and I hurriedly circled heading help for my room. I took handiest a few steps after I heard a scratching noise slowly rising in volume. I whirled around all over again trying on the door. Somebody used to be making an are trying to crush open the door. Who would possibly perchance well perchance also it be? That dilapidated lady couldn’t perchance emit so vital power? I stood there transfixed. The scratching turned into a hammering now. The door started shaking violently.

My God … it used to be giving away, I watched in alarm! The tip door hinge used to be virtually long gone; the center one used to be getting jerked uncontrollably. If that gave away the single-part door would reach off. I must attain something now … and rapidly.

Instinctively all over again, I rushed towards the door. My idea used to be to push the door out along with the intruder to the assorted facet, perchance crushing him or her under the door, then bustle help to the room, locking the ‘moving’ door securely and make contact with reception. Most efficient one element used to be previous my administration-I didn’t know what lay previous that door, and what used to be the selection of my foes, handiest the lady or more …

I did as I deliberate. I managed to push the door freed from its hinges to the indecent facet outside. Alternatively, the falling door did no longer crush anybody under its weight. To my shock and alarm, there used to be handiest that dilapidated feeble sick lady outside, and he or she dexterously succeeded in wriggling herself out of the falling door.

Eyes blazing, respiratory venom, hair and palms flailing and shrieking wildly the lady used to be dancing in a seizure of madness. “Give me money … give me meals … you hooked fool!” I did no longer retreat inside, as if tremulous by the spectacular dance of madness in front of me, as if trying in vain to compare what it used to be all about. I lost a few treasured moments in the approach. In these seconds the wild cavorting spectacle in deadly throes took preserve of a limited iron desk, and came speeding to hit me. I pulled my thoughts out of questioning about how she would possibly perchance well perchance also reach to own so vital of energy, so ominously potent, and concentrated on my subsequent needed switch.

My self protection mechanism now turned to the attacking mode as I moved out in the open making an are trying to bustle around her eluding her, making an are trying to tire her out and to preserve conclude basically the most opportune moment to deactivate her. For the principle time I was aware that it used to be an open plan, love a yard, and there were few constructing blocks surrounding the plan. There were some heads and voices too in the lighted balconies of some blocks, nonetheless no one tried to intervene or wait on either of us. You can’t count on something from these zombies; at basically the most they’ll preserve conclude out their mobiles, preserve conclude selfies and revel in, I mused bitterly as I ran around the plan with the specter giving a relentless high-tail. “Give me money … give me meals … you glum devil!”

In all chance there came a divine intervention. In that seemingly never-ending bustle and high-tail, one moment came to me when she used to be conclude sufficient to me on my staunch about to flip around to confront me. I permitted that moment love the proverbial straw; caught preserve of her and the iron desk the employ of both of my palms, gave her an almighty shove and ran headlong towards my room-thru the damaged door and thru that enigmatic door. Unnaturally vital as she used to be, the dilapidated lady would possibly perchance well perchance also no longer preserve conclude it this time reeling, cursing and falling with a thud on the farthest facet of the plan, the iron desk on high of her. That gave me superior sufficient time to seal my security.

I activated the total locks on hand on that mysterious door, and sat down on the mattress panting with a bustle of blood to my head. Shrill shrieks of the insane lady would possibly perchance well perchance also no longer be heard now. Alternatively, at this particular moment things all over again got a bit of blurred, I had no belief at all why. At that staunch moment I must have accomplished basically the most apparent thing-call up reception, file that emergency and bustle them to preserve conclude instant preventive steps. Nevertheless as an different, I handiest felt pangs of hunger in my belly, and thought about taking preventive steps for that handiest. I looked at my peep. Oh God … it used to be quarter previous ten, no level calling the canteen now, I believed despondently.

My cell telephone rang. Within the commotion I completely forgot about my telephone which used to be lying abandoned on the bedside desk. Now that active diagram by some ability brought me a bit of nearer to actuality, it regarded. It used to be Srijay flashing on the veil as I answered it.
“Sir, have you ever taken your supper? Are you already in mattress?”
“Neither. I forgot to mutter on time. Few odd things occurring here that I’ll uncover you the next day at leisure. For the moment I’m famished and I don’t know what to attain! No automobile on hand to challenge out to town . ”
“Sorry to listen to that, Sir. Anyway, don’t dismay. There would possibly perchance be a joint, moderately superior, conclude by. From the principle entrance of the guest house flip staunch and you’ll safe it a hundred meters away.”

For superior or shocking I was no longer optimistic for the time being, my hunger pangs got the larger of me submerging my earlier odd experiences into an working out with actuality. How I came out of the guest house with out confronting anybody in the reception I didn’t give a thought to that time and neither would possibly perchance well perchance also I undergo in thoughts now. The whys and hows in my fable were calm refusing to uncover themselves, to my assert helplessness.

Anyway, I exited from the guest house gate and turned staunch as instructed. The scenario puzzled me barely loads. As I remembered from my earlier test with or visits the guest house used to be located in a limited township of the institution with handiest a predominant boulevard and compare room and administrative blocks and personnel quarters scattered around with open spaces lined with timber. Coming outside now I discovered several varied roads connecting to the principle boulevard, and plenty lighted trying or drinking enclosures all around. Alternatively, there were lonely stretches of perchance hundred meters each and each on either facet of the guest house. I even found distant hills silhouetting a sad skyline opposite to the guest house which used to be undoubtedly no there after I came closing. Habitual thoughts creeping in all over again I quickened my steps towards the eatery …

The eatery regarded to me as an Italian meals joint with largely rapidly meals objects most of which weren’t even identified to me. Folks were crowding, leaning and craning over the counter for procuring for mutter coupons since it used to be a self-service restaurant. Alternatively, to my shock, there used to be rarely any noise, an eerie silence prevailed.

As I approached the counter for a look-in on the objects on hand the nagging thought came to me all over again; since checking in I didn’t call my even once wife informing her of my whereabouts, although I desired to uncover her very first thing after arrival; nonetheless by some ability, I never cared to preserve pack up the mobile and dial her quantity. Let me mutter the meals first after which I’ll call her, I assured myself all over again.

I looked for the menu, nonetheless there used to be none; handiest names of some dishes were scribbled on the unlit board in the help of the counter. I squeezed my eyes to condominium the objects, nonetheless would possibly perchance well perchance also no longer read smartly, and the categorical issue used to be I was by no means optimistic what substances these dishes were manufactured from. I looked here and there for some form of wait on and guidance. My eyes riveted on a limited boy, in early teens, standing in front of a desk in the drinking plan beckoning to me to reach to him. I discovered him too younger for a waiter, and without extend warned myself that he would possibly perchance well perchance also very smartly be phase of a racket to fleece vulnerable customers. So I made up our minds to ignore him, and pushed my manner thru to the man in the help of the counter.

I requested him for a menu card or to uncover me relating to the substances feeble in making varied objects on veil. He looked at me a bit of oddly, known as any individual from the backside, and instructed me to practice the man for the advisory. The man used to be sizable and had an athletic have with bulging biceps and chest muscle groups threatening to walk thru the sunshine T-shirt he wore. He sized me up haughtily and ordered me to practice him. Is he going to preserve conclude me to the kitchen, I questioned.

I followed him obediently as he walked by the facet of the restaurant that ended in a wooden staircase. He climbed briskly up the stairs and I had peril maintaining display screen of him as loads of of us were either going up or coming down the stairs, I did no longer be aware why. We arrived at a mountainous gargantuan wooden platform crowded with of us scattered here and there. I iced up as I managed to preserve conclude a more in-depth look.

So a lot of the of us there were physically deformed or downhearted beggars or both. I guessed a few of them would possibly perchance well perchance also very smartly be leprosy affected too. They were lying on the bottom in helpless sprawls making odd noises. Some of them were moaning, some crying and a few shrieking out in agony, ‘Encourage us … wait on us … wait on us …!’ Some varied ready-bodied guys were trudging thru the fats unfold of human our bodies, inspecting them, taking photos … nonetheless making no effort to wait on them in any manner.

My moment of the paralyzing shock price me dearly. I lost display screen of the muscular guy. He regarded to have vanished into skinny air. How is it that that it’s in all probability you’ll perchance perchance also imagine, how a fats bodybuilder love him can vanish love that, I had a sense of dismay rising within me. There used to be no exit from the platform on the assorted facet as there were brick partitions around with a few wooden windows strewn here and there, mostly closed; any customer must employ the staircase for departing too. Now, the disfigured, the agonized and the helpless our bodies on the bottom all of a sudden turned into attentive to me standing there uncertainly, and their noises began to be directed at me. I shook myself out of the paralysis, and started hunting for a rapidly damage out.

Luckily, I did no longer lose my manner and the staircase used to be calm there. I virtually ran towards it and plummeted down the steps love a cursed capturing well-known person. An amazing sense of support flooded my entire self as I arrived help on the front facet of the restaurant.

With support the hunger pangs returned too. As I contemplated my subsequent switch I noticed an person, dressed in a civilized manner and bespectacled, taking a quantity of hobby in me and used to be coming towards me. I took him for a professor of the institution, and used to be by no means averse to meeting him. In truth, I believed, a neighborhood professor is in most cases a extremely superior data for me. I waited for him to enroll in me.
He used to be lean and of medium height; smiling eyes in the help of the glasses and unlit curly hair. He acknowledged to me without extend,
“Howdy, you seem to be a stranger in this phase of the globe, I hiss! I’m Akhter, a businessman from Mumbai.”
So he used to be no longer a neighborhood professor and an equal stranger love me, I believed dully. I acknowledged to him loud,
“Effectively, no longer precisely. I visited this direct earlier, nonetheless this time I’m discovering it a bit of odd. Anyway, I’m Hridayesh from Kolkata. Effective meeting you!” We shook palms.
“You look a bit of ruffled up, are you in some form of peril?” he requested. “I know this direct smartly. Command me, I will allow you out.”

I told him about my jam discovering a supper. He took me to a conclude by shop, sold cigarettes, lighted his and offered me one. I civilly refused. He relaxed, making me accrued down too. We continued our conversation, nonetheless I lost display screen of the thread as adverse to the reality that he promised to preserve conclude me to a superior meals joint. After finishing his fag he requested me to reach with him. We hit the principle boulevard and walked in the path which I believed took us farther some distance off from the guest house. This time I felt assured of by some means quashing my hunger protests. A pair of yards on the principle boulevard we turned staunch towards a lane, on the conclude of the lane I could perchance well perchance also look an illuminated restaurant. His steps turned into sooner as I followed him in …

The one-storied longish block housed a store on our staunch and a restaurant cum bar on the assorted. The kitchen used to be most potentially located in the help of the store, due to I saw several waiters coming out with loaded trays and a few going in perchance for more meals orders. My friend regarded to have locked his eyes with gigantic-bellied elderly manager on the money counter which served both the bar and the store. Without warning, Akhter started shaking in excitement.
“That is a glorious direct, have your drinks and meals in comfort,” he acknowledged to me. “I must rush now. Sorry no longer to be with you. Due to the I must have a one-night-stand with my packets …” and with these odd phrases he vanished in the help of the store …

I stood there for a whereas, no longer incandescent what to safe of the phrases fair uttered by my erstwhile friend, and what to attain subsequent. Alternatively, I made up our minds to attain basically the most intellectual thing at that moment. I went in heading for the bar. As I pushed my manner thru the revolving glass doors I came to a standstill all over again trying on the spectacle.

The bar used to be gargantuan, rectangular in size, with a stout glass wall giving a look of the boulevard outside and a wood-paneled wall on the assorted facet. To my assert shock and shock, the total interior used to be stuffed with thick layers of smoke rising as a lot as the false ceiling. How on earth they were allowed to smoke inside, I believed in apprehension; my thoughts taking a high level view of the total steps taken by the public authorities in most contemporary years to keep of us from publicity to passive smoking. What amazed me subsequent were the customers there.

Most of them were younger boys and ladies. Almost every person used to be smoking, throwing out rings of smoke upwards. Some were trying up squealing in ecstasy whereas a few others were zigzag over the tables, jerky and sneezing; some were staring around with entire disinterest and glazed eyes; some were either howling or moaning or horrifying crying and a few others were swaying help and forth of their merriment with their our bodies hitting or brushing against varied our bodies. I didn’t preserve conclude lengthy to be aware what used to be happening.

It used to be obviously a drug bar, and I was astounded as to how this would possibly perchance well perchance also be accomplished so overtly and in the kind of brazen manner. My first impulse used to be to dial the police if any in this odd direct, nonetheless by some ability my cell telephone and I turned into poles aside in the happenings to this level. A pair of addicts turned into attentive to me standing uncertainly in front of the entrance, and they stared at me, as if making an are trying to evaluate me; a few regarded to jeer at me whereas some others communicated to me pitifully, ‘give us sustenance … give us sustenance … please! “My amazement rapidly giving manner to dismay I made a fleet retreat.

Out of the bar I walked disoriented and aimless for a short time, by no means stricken relating to the streets or the landscape or the skyline. Without warning all over again, I discovered myself in front of a restaurant which, to my gigantic support, looked love a mature one with two rows of neatly arranged desks and chairs and normal trying waiters transferring around taking orders from customers scrutinizing the menus. Alternatively, something else used to be expecting me inside.

As I entered the open doorway heading for an empty desk the manager in the help of the money counter moved around in gigantic tempo, and strolling previous me slapped a waiter busy taking orders unawares; he repeated his remarkable acts on three varied waiters, slapping them with fury and vehemence. As I was destined that night I stood transfixed there, one more time. Now, the manager used to be shouting love a madman.

There used to be a moment of absolute silence in the restaurant following the manager’s acts with customers and personnel alike unnerved and immobilized. From the incoherent phrases of the manager I surmised that sometime help the lodge proprietor’s daughter with a few of her friends visited the restaurant for dinner, and quite a lot of waiters misbehaved with them, no longer incandescent their credentials or merely ignoring them. The daughter and group left in a huff, and the manager got a convincing bashing from the proprietor over telephone. So he acted upon it without extend. Alternatively, earlier than his action fully justified his fury something more dramatic came about.

Three goons with weapons ready and pointed of their palms entered the restaurant. One of them stood guarding the entrance, one aimed his gun level-unlit on the manager’s head and the third one took direct on the rear conclude. And I was love a duck sitting barely amid the strangest scenario. This can no longer rush on to any extent additional as some distance as my security is concerned, I made up our minds. I was an accidental bystander and therefore there used to be no reason why I must compromise my security. I started transferring towards the entrance slowly as a heated change of phrases used to be taking direct between the manager and the gun-toting goon.

I virtually made it. Nevertheless unfortunately, fair on the closing moment of exit I unintentionally brushed against the goon standing there, and his gun fell to the bottom. Earlier than the goon would possibly perchance well perchance also react to that I acted impulsively and with a superior presence of thoughts. I abruptly stooped down, picked up the gun and handed it over to him with a candy smile. The bewildered thug moreover managed a smile, and as I made my closing switch to exit he acknowledged to me in a barely paralyzing perplexity, “You gotta be a superior man! Nevertheless many superior guys gotta die earlier than others! Nah ..?” he hollered in gigantic merriment over his own humor. “Expertise the night, goodbye!” I smiled weakly help at him and slowly moved out. The goon leaned out of the entrance to peep me, calm giggling.

About twenty yards forward the boulevard turned staunch, and if I was ready to round that corner I’d by some means switch out of his peek. I watched many motion pictures and read many thrillers where the villains looked as if it would be very suave, subtle and benevolent, nonetheless on the climax they feeble to atomize the victims mercilessly. These twenty yards regarded to be an eternity as I started transferring slowly forward measuring every step and on the identical time maintaining an absolute outward accrued. The upcoming chance that he would possibly perchance well perchance set a bullet thru my help any time used to be a horrific thought that refused to switch away my thoughts.

Nothing came about for approximately ten yards. I quickened my tempo handiest by a part now so as that it didn’t safe noticed, suppressing my outrageous desire to interrupt correct into a tiring bustle, and fair vanish round the corner … and damage out …

Two yards more to conquer … and I’d be a free man, at least for the time being. I could perchance well perchance also no longer hear his laughter and dared no longer look help. In all chance he no doubt most celebrated my gesture in no longer the employ of the opportunity offered by the falling gun; that he used to be handiest joking about ‘superior guys’ and that he used to be no longer going to shoot me down at all. On the assorted hand, had any murders taken direct on the lodge afterwards I’d were a high peep as I had viewed all three thugs from conclude quarters. In that eventuality I’d stay a marked man for eternity. Nevertheless there used to be no manner to preserve conclude it for a sure wager. Anyway, it would possibly perchance well perchance be very determined very rapidly.

I virtually stopped on the closing level of the curve, gripped by persisting stress and dismay. Taking an instantaneous resolve to safe the closing scuttle to flee I rounded the turning efficiently. No pictures rang out in the air. After which I ran … I ran love a rabbit in pursuit, releasing the constructed-up stress and relishing my damage out. Surprisingly, I never got out of breath; working at that form of injury-neck tempo regarded effortless for me. I didn’t peril about that. What I stricken about used to be to forego my supper, safe help to the guest house at any price and sleep out that substandard night.

And I lost my manner. The landscape used to be fully varied; it regarded to be a wooded space boulevard with dense overgrowth on either facet, a dan saya tidak punya indikator untuk mencari bantuan sikap saya ke wisma. Tanpa peringatan, saya menghadapi dorongan curam ke atas di boulevard ke depan. Saya dieksekusi bekerja dan mulai mendaki, lagi-lagi tanpa masalah. Ketika saya mencapai tingkat kemiringan yang ideal, saya mengeksekusi, dan berharap ke depan. Atau, sebuah dunia baru yang dulunya menunggu untuk menyambut saya.

Di sana terbuka sebelumnya dari saya hamparan luas modernitas-sebuah kota raksasa dengan multi-lajur jalan yang terang benderang, jalan layang, kenaikan yang berlebihan, mencoba gerai ritel dan ratusan kendaraan yang mentransfer kedua arah. Saya terkejut, benar-benar gagal bereaksi. Biasanya karena saya tidak pernah mengantisipasi jenis tontonan, dan setelah dihadapkan dengan itu saya menemukan sepenuhnya tidak ada petunjuk untuk mengandalkan kota yang dianggap telah muncul entah dari mana. Saya tidak pernah tahu keberadaan jenis kota raksasa yang mencapai kota wisma kami yang teridentifikasi.

Melindungi amarah saya sama banyaknya dengan kesan saya bergerak di sepanjang boulevard mengendalikan kesibukan intens saya untuk terus mengandalkan pejalan kaki tanpa wajah yang judul kota. Kemungkinan ego saya menghindarkan saya dari melakukan hal itu, karena saya seharusnya sering bepergian, paling tidak di India, dan dulu benar-benar menghina bagi saya tidak lagi memiliki kepercayaan tentang kota besar yang adil berjalan-jalan beberapa menjauhkan dari tujuan paling kontemporer saya. Saya juga beralasan dalam pikiran saya bahwa saya akan aman dengan sangat cepat.

Harapan saya melambung ketika saya melihat sebuah bus yang berdiri di atas kukuh saya yang menurut saya dianggap sebagai terminal bus antar-langsung. Saya armada menyeberang ke berbagai aspek boulevard, dan memasuki kampus mencari loket tiket dengan kemungkinan besar kemungkinan Anda juga bisa membayangkan nama-nama stasiun atau lokasi. Saya tersinggung, kesal, dan sedih tidak lagi siap untuk mencari indikator yang mungkin akan baik-baik saja. Bahkan mungkin telah memuaskan pencarian saya. Aku berdiri tenang di tengah lantai beton yang benar, tidak lagi pijar apa yang harus dicapai. Saya percaya untuk mengantri di meja dan menguji dengan petugas reservasi; namun apa yang akan saya andalkan kepadanya tidak memiliki keyakinan di mana saya berada atau di mana saya akan beralih. Saya mungkin bisa juga sangat pintar menjadi bahan tertawaan mutlak; Saya memutuskan untuk menolak hipotesis.

Seseorang yang dikenal sebagai saya keluar dari dalam membantu mengirimkan dingin dingin ke tulang punggung saya. Untuk sementara saya merasa tidak lagi berani untuk tampak membantu, tidak lagi siap untuk berganti otot, yang dulu merupakan kejutan dan kejutan yang melekat dalam suara itu. Karena suara yang digunakan untuk menjadi sangat akrab; itu merupakan fase integral saya; dulu tidak terpisahkan dari saya; dulu tidak ada cara untuk tidak lagi mengandalkan suara itu. Dulu istri saya, pasangan gaya hidup tersayang saya selama lebih dari dua puluh tahun memanggil saya dengan nada permen.

Saat menutup aku berputar, dan di sana dia berdiri, tersenyum manis kepadaku, tanpa kesan tekanan atau kejutan atau kekecewaan atau kemarahan atau sentimen. Dulu saya yang mulai memiliki bentuk perasaan ini. Apa yang dia lakukan di sana? Kenapa dia dulu ada di sana? Saya meninggalkannya di rumah dengan tenang dan malam penutupan paling hangat, dan tiba-tiba dia berdiri di sana lebih awal dari saya suka penampakan. Sekali lagi saya harus menggunakan administrasi yang kuat sehingga pikiran saya yang sudah tersiksa tidak lagi terburu-buru mengoceh. Ketenangan dan kealamiannya juga berdampak pada jalur tindakan masa depan saya.

Saya memutuskan untuk bertindak secara total juga. Jelas, saya memintanya melakukan apa yang dulu dia lakukan di sana yang dia berikan jawaban yang tidak jelas, dan saya memutuskan untuk tidak melakukannya. Sebagai gantinya, kami berjalan secara kolektif menuju bangku marmer yang diukir dari sisi luar bangunan, dan duduk berbicara tentang tidak ada yang parah. Setelah itu pikiran saya mulai berbicara, berbicara dengan cepat, dan mengamuk gila …

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