Satu-satunya Perangkap Bass Yang Tidak Ada Yang Memanfaatkan


Final summer when we went to the lake the first weekend in June, I got in my kayak and went to use bass. I paddled to 1 in every of my popular spots and grabbed my rod with the Silver Minnow on it. I continually go out with four rods. I truly have faith them rigged with a Silver Minnow, a swim jig, a plastic worm, and a spinnerbait. I initiating with the Silver Minnow. It is seemingly you’ll maybe maybe also mask quite a bit of water and fish it anyplace.

The space I went to had lily pads subsequent to a dock. On my first solid, I caught a 3 pound bass. The second solid I caught a 5 pound pike that attempted to rip the rod out of my hands, he hit it so exhausting. The 4th solid I caught a 4 pound bass. I caught all three fish within the associated space in a matter of five or six minutes. There are days when I exercise simplest the silver minnow for my search lure. If the fish are active, it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe’t beat this lure.

There are a hundred lures it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe exercise to steal bass. Most of them work periodically. Some of them work normally. Numerous basically the most easy lures were around for ages, and they easy develop successfully. This lure is no longer successfully-appreciated by many bass fishermen, however it absolutely should always be. The lure I’m talking about is the Johnson Silver Minnow. It’s one in every of my favorites, and one in every of basically the most productive bass lures there could be.

The silver is my popular for bass. It is accessible in about a other colours; the others are greater for pike fishing, however the red and white stripe additionally catches bass.

There are two high causes this lure catches so many fish. The first is it has superior pure action that appears to be like a minnow swimming thru the water. The second is it has quite a bit of flash to scheme fish from a ways away. Both property you would possibly want to attract extra fish.

The Silver Minnow got its patent in 1923. The unique model was silver. The lure is now accessible in numerous color styles. It additionally is accessible in numerous sizes. My favorites are the silver, and the red and white striped. I like the two ½ bound and the three ¾ bound baits simplest. I additionally opt to exercise a 4 bound twister tail trailer in gloomy, purple or white.

I truly were fishing for 50 years for quite a bit of species. I truly have faith weak the Silver Minnow from early in my fishing lifestyles. I forgot about it for a whereas myself because there are so unheard of of alternatives of cool attempting lures. The coolest attempting lures are no longer continually basically the most qualified lures. I weak it once more several years later and realized It’s a lure I select to exercise and haven’t looked back.

The Silver Minnow is de facto easy to fish. You solid it and reel it in. It creates the full action by itself. It is seemingly you’ll maybe maybe also fish it dead, otherwise it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe fish it at a medium spin. The easier lure has a unheard of broader dash that works sizable when the water is hotter. The smaller ones are greater in chillier water with a tighter dash. I truly have faith came all the scheme in which thru that a dead retrieve works basically the most easy extra continuously than no longer.

It is seemingly you’ll maybe maybe also additionally fish it anyplace. Right here’s the put the Silver Minnow stands out. It is seemingly you’ll maybe maybe also fish it from initiating residences to thick weeds, if it catches a weed it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe rip it unfastened and withhold fishing it. Thick weeds are the put many bass lallygag around, and to use them you are going to love to fish within the thick weeds. It is seemingly you’ll maybe maybe also additionally fish it in flooded timber, and it won’t gather hung up.

The silver minnow is up there as one in every of basically the most easy pike lures there could be, and a sizable bass lure. I even use a Walleye on it normally. For fogeys that should always mix in catching tremendous size pike and Walleyes with bass, it’s miles a sizable preference. I exercise the Silver Minnow because the go to seem lure to detect the active fish.

Most bass fishermen exercise spinner baits extra continuously than no longer as their quick casting bait to mask quite a bit of water. I used to be one in every of these guys for a whereas except I rediscovered the Silver Minnow. There could be nothing wicked with using spinner baits, however are trying the silver minnow. This can also honest shock you how successfully it genuinely works. The Silver Minnow is a time-tested lure that has labored for shut to 100 years. It’s easy one in every of basically the most easy bass lures there could be.

I truly have faith several bass fishing books that can also honest interest you. They give you a short read plump of guidelines and advice that could manufacture you a closer bass fisherman. Test them out. I additionally have faith links to several blogs with hundreds of sizable articles free so that you can read at this region.

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